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Heartily welcome! All that you see here are handmade by me using macramé technique wax string, different kinds of gemstones and wooden beads. Macramé is my passion so all my works are full with love. There is possibility to buy them as well so if you like any of them or you have any question- please feel free to contact me fairy.evanna@gmail.com i will be happy to talk with you! :)
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Gemstone meanings longer story...

The agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history.

Agates are grounding stones. Stabilizing physical energy. It attracts good fortune and promotes good will. Helps to overcome fears and brings strength, builds self-confidence.  Harmonize yin and yang. Improve concentration, perception,  and analytical abilities, leading to practical solutions.

Heals inner anger, fostering love. Leads to spiritual growth and inner stability. Stabilize the aura. Eliminating and transforming negative energies.

Stimulates digestive process and relives gastritis. Heals eyes, stomach and uterus. It cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas. Strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders.

 Moss Agate

A stabilizing stone strongly connected with nature. Refresh the soul. Balances the emotions. Reducing sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.

It is a stone of new beginnings and release from blockages or spiritual fetters.  Releases fear and deep seated stress.

Moss Agate speeds up recovery. It is anti-inflammatory,  cleanses the circulatory elimination systems, encouraging the flow of lymph, and boots the immune system. Eliminates depression.


It blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations and protects against electromagnetic pollution.

It calms the brain and nervous system. Balances masculine and feminine energies. The stone itself assists in manifesting universal love.

Heals and opens both the heart and throat chakras. Opens the third eye and intuition.

Beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and calcium deposits, balancing the metabolic deficiencies. Relieves muscle spasms.


Amethyst is extremely powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibration. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting energy into love. A natural tranquilizer. Blocks geopathic stress and negative environmental energies.

It’s serenity enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation. It overcomes addictions and blockages of all kinds. It helps you feel less scattered, more focused and in control of your faculties. It dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.

One of the most spiritual stones, promoting love of the divine, giving insight into its true nature, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Opens intuition.

It boots production of hormones and tunes the endocrine system and metabolism. Strengtens the immune system. Cleans blood, relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain. Treats insomnia. Cleanses aura. Stimulates the throat and crown chakras.
"Manifestation". The "good luck" stone brings the purifying, revitalizing force of the sun and the absorptive, transmuting energy of the earth together to create a powerful tool. Draws disease out of the body and transforms it. Clears negativity.
Those who believe in the power of this stone say that it has effects on beauty and is an enhancer of success. It is also believed that amber has equal power to equate the sun which can contribute to further healing, joy, abundance in life and vitality.


It’s very positive stone of prosperity. Absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollution. Stabilize one’s state of mind, reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.  Brings together intellectual and emotional bodies. Calms anger and irritation. Stimulates emotional recovery. Promotes a feeling of well being. Balances male- female energy. Protects heart chakra, guarding against psychic vampirism.

Balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism, lowering cholesterol. Helps ease skin eruptions and allergies, relives migraine headaches, soothes the eyes. Heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.


A it’s name suggests, Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser  and a powerful healer.  It heightens the intuition and increases creativity. Grounding and protecting stone. Gives courage, avoids dangerous situations. Calms the mind, dispels confusion, revitalize.  Grounding the heart energy. Reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. Brings spirituality in everyday life.

Bloodstone is an energy cleanser and immune stimulator for acute infections. Stimulates the flow of lymph snd metabolic processes, revitalizes and reenergizes when body and mind are exhausted. Purifies blood and detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder. Helpful in cases of leukemia. It cleanses lower chakras and realigns their energies.


Brings joy into life. Supports during times of stress, brings tranquility and wholeness.  Reminds people to help each other. Aligns the chakras. This stone facilitates shamanic journeys and dream recall.  It provides protection and grounds energies and the body.  Absorbs negative energy, cleanses chakras and aura. Balances yin and yang energies.  Clears environmental pollution, including radiation and aids dowsing.  It stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action. Gives stability and balance.

Jasper supports the circulatory, digestive, and sexual organs. Balances the mineral content of the body.


A highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. Stone of transformation. It rises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. Forms a barrier to negative energies. Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Banishes fears and insecurities. Strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe. Calms an overactive mind, brings up new ideas. Brings contemplation and introspection.

Treats disorder of the eyes and brain, relieves stress, regulates metabolism.  Treats colds, gout and rheumatism. Balances hormones, relieves menstrual tension, lowers blood pressure. Strenghtens immune system, relief from anxiety and depression.

 Lapis lazuli

Love, protection, power, healing, will, perfection, awareness. Opens the third eye and balancing the throat chakra.  Stimulates enlightenment, personal and spiritual power. Quickly releases stress and brings deep peace. Lapis lazuli is spiritual stone that contacts spirit guardians.  This stone recognizes psychic attack, blocks it, and returns the energy to its source.

Harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Encourages taking charge of life. Teaches the value of active listening. Strengthens the neck and vocal chords, effective for problems with speech and hearing. Alleviates pain, especially that of migraine headaches. Overcomes depression, benefits the respiratory and nervous systems, the throat, larynx, thyroid, cleanses organs, bone marrow, thymus and the immune system. Overcomes hearing loss, purifies blood and boots the immune system. Alleviates insomnia and vertigo, lowers blood pressure.

Malachite is a powerful stone. It amplifies both positive and negative energies. It grounds spiritual energies onto planet. Protection stone. Absorbs negative energies and pollutants easily. Soaks up plutonium pollution and guards against radiation of all kinds.  Clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies. This stone clears and activates chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance. It opens the heart to unconditional love.  Malachite is stone of transformation. Life is lived more intensely under the influence of this adventurous stone, which encourages risk-taking and change. It alleviates shyness and supports friendship. It is useful for psycho sexual problems. Assists the rebirthing process. Releases negative experiences and old traumas. It balances the heart and navel chakras.

Malachite is extremely versatile healing stone. Particularly useful for cramps, including menstrual cramps, facilitates childbirth. It resonates with the female sexual organs and treats any sexual disease. Lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, growth, travel sickness, vertigo, tumors, the optic nerve, pancreas, spleen and the parathyroid. Aligns DNA and cellular structure, enhances the immune system. Stimulates the liver to release toxins, treats diabetes.

Is a “stone of new beginnings”. Strongly connected with moon and intuition. Calms emotions.  Brings love into life. Moonstone is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energy. It is perfect antidote for the excessively macho man or overly aggressive female. Protects during traveling. Opens the mind to sudden and irrational impulses, serendipity and synchronicity.  Improves emotional intelligence. Provides deep emotional healing and heals disorders of the upper digestive tract that are related to emotional stress. Powerfully affects the female reproductive cycle and alleviates menstrual related disease and tension. It is linked to the pineal gland and balances the hormonal system, stabilizes fluid imbalances and attunes to the biorhythmic clock.

Alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes and fleshy organs such as the liver and pancreas. It is excellent for  PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. Heals insomnia and prevents sleepwalking.

It is strength giving. This stone promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. Balances and grounds.  It is a mental toxin that alleviates overwhelming fears and worries. Balances the yin and yang energies within the body.  Banish grief, enhance self control, wise decision-making, encourages happiness and good fortune. Can be used to provide a “peek” into future, helps one to follow the path alone. Increase productiveness. Stabilize and heals root chakra.

Beneficial for teeth, bones, marrow, blood disorders and the feet.

Rose quartz

It’s a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra teaching the true essence of love. Purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self love. It is calming, reassuring and excellent use in trauma or crisis. If you want to attract love, look no further than romantic Rose quartz. Gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance and invokes self-trust and self-worth. Helps relationship problems.

Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids.  Aids chest and lung problems, heals kidney, adrenals and alleviates vertigo. Increases fertility.


Unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception, brings information from the higher mind down to the physical level.  Deepens meditation.  Clears electromagnetic pollution. This is particularly useful stone for group work, as it brings harmony and solidarity of purpose.. Excellent stone for the mind, eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage.  Brings about emotional balance and calms panic attacks.  It can transform defensive or oversensitive personality, releasing the core fears, phobias, guilt, and control mechanisms that hold you back from being who you truly are.  It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Sodalite balances the metabolism, overcomes calcium deficiencies and cleanses the lymphatic system and organs, boosting the immune system. This stone combats radiation damage and insomnia. Treats the throat, vocal cords and larynx and is helpful for hoarseness and digestive disorders. It cools fevers, lowers blood pressure and stimulates absorption of fluid in the body.

 Tiger’s eye

It combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded, dawning the spiritual energies to earth.  Balances the lower chakras, stimulating the rise of the kundalini energy.  It is a protective stone that was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses.  Helpful for resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts. Particularly useful for healing mental disease and personality disorders.  Heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity.  Balances yin-yang and energizes the emotional body. It alleviates depression and lifts moods. Draws helpful people and material things to the wearer. Centers energy and mental focus.

Heals throat, eyes, reproductive organs and dissolves constrictions. Helpful for repairing broken bones.

It is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well being for the body.  It is a protective stone and has been used for amulets since time immemorial. Promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds.  Purification stone.  It dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog. Balances all the chakras. In traditional thought, Turquoise  unites the earth and the sky, bringing together male and female energies. Stabilizes mood swings and calms the mind. Stimulates romantic love. Excellent stone for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks.

Strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields.  Enhances the physical and psyhic immune systems and regenerates tissue, supports the assimilation of nutrients, alleviates pollution and viral infections, and heals the whole body, especially the eyes, including cataracts. It reduces excess acidity and benefits gout, rheumatism and the stomach. It is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying and alleviates cramps and pain.

Tibetan turquoise is especially useful for healing throat chakra blockages and suppressed self-expression back down the ancestral line until the source is clear.

It’s a stone of vision. Balances emotions with spirituality. Provides grounding when it is needed and can be useful after meditation or psychic work. Brings a calm gentle energy and can negate the effects of electromagnetical pollution . Whenever disease arises in the far or near past, Unikate reaches the root cause of it at whatever level it occurs, bringing it to the surface so that it can be transformed.

It is supportive in convalescence and recovery from major illness. Treats reproductive system, balances weight, aids healthy pregnancy and the growth of skin tissue and hair.

 Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite)

Transmutes negative energies into positive ones and connects with the spiritual realms. It assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others or trying to conform to the norm.  It is creative stone. Activates the crown chakra .Extremely helpful in soul healing. It powerfully amplifies the biomagnetic field around the body.

Detoxifier, neutralizing over acidification and reducing inflammation. Strengthens the immune system and regenerates cells and treats the heart, spleen, pancreas and lungs. Stimulates fertility and heals diseases of the ovaries and testicles. Increases potency.

 Rutilated Quartz

It is an effective integrator of energy at any level. It heightens the energetic impulse of Quartz and is a very effective vibrational healer. Has perfect balance of cosmic light. Promoting spiritual growth, cleanses and energizes aura. This stone aids astral travel, scrying and channeling. It draws off negative energy and breaks down the barriers to spiritual progress, letting go of the past. Gives protection against psychic  attack. Soothes dark moods and acts as an antidepressant. Relieves fear, phobias, and anxiety. Promotes forgiveness at all levels.

Rutilated Quartz has a vitality that is helpful for chronic conditions and for impotence and infertility. Excellent for exhaustion and energy depletion. Treats the respiratory tract and bronchitis, stimulates and balances the thyroid, repels parasites. Stimulates growth and regeneration in cells and repairs torn tissues. Encourage an upright posture.
Snowflake obsidian

Calms and soothes, putting you in the right frame of mind to be receptive. It teaches you to value mistakes as well as success. It is a stone of purity, providing balance for body, mind, and spirit. Helps you to recognize and to release ‘’wrong thinking’’ and stressful mental patterns. It promotes dispassion and inner centering. With the aid of Snowflake Obsidian, isolation and loneliness become empowering, aiding surrender in meditation.

Treats veins and skeleton, and improves circulation. Good for the skin and eyes.